Thursday, February 20, 2014


As part of RobotChallenge 2014 organized in Vienna, we've been selected to present our project based on Official Arduino Robot for the category "Hack the Arduino Robot!"

"AWBB" for ArduWellBeingBot.

This small autonomous robot, free to move itself in a place is able to measure surrounding environment quality. It can track humidity, temperature, ambient noise and light, Air quality in the way to map and classify this place as a pleasant or nasty for humans. All the data can be consulted via internet on a map indicating the place location and a note This robot could be used for example in public places (Mall, Railway Station , Airport, Park…) where people needs or want to stay for a moment . It will allow people to find the best place for them, for their health and it will imply more place’s responsible to improve the environment quality.

The goal of all these posts is to describe how to build this robot and to answer to all the questions and problem we've encountered.

We will focus on the robot part only for the RobotChallenge, the mobile device and the web part will be published later.

Global architecture of the project

The AWBB robot will communicate to a mobile device using Bluetooth LE connection to share information and to be controlled.

Required Material

AWBB will be equipped of the following sensors to evaluate its surrounding environment ant to be able to move independent:
  • Ultra sonic Sensor
  • GPS
  • Temperature & hygrometric sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Sound sensor
  • CO2 sensor
A servo motor will be used to build the Ultra-Sonic scanner.

Our challenge is to integrate all this device management in only 2 x 28 kilo bytes!

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Special thanks to Sopra Group and DFRobot for their help

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