Thursday, April 10, 2014

Robot Challenge 2014: we won!

It was a big surprise for us and we are proud to have been selected and elected as best project for this year!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

AWBB Change log


  • Bluetooth LE feature
  • Robot can be controled by a mobile device
  • Upload µSD content
  • Code optimization

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bluetooth LE connection

This feature has been added to the robot AWBB v2.0

Why using Bluetooth LE?

To export data from the robot to the internet we have chosen to link it to a mobile device using this new kind of connection: the Bluetooth LE (Low Energy). It's made for connected object (Internet of things for example) and it has the particularity to consume a few quantity of energy.

We have chosen the BLE-LINK v1.0 from DFRobot as it's easy to configure, it use a serial connection and allows 5V on RX pin.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Code is Available under Github repository:

Ultrasonic sensor & Servo

An Ultrasonic sensor on the AWBB Robot

We have decided to choose an Ultrasonic range meter mounted on a Servo to be able to find the best direction with no obstacle.
We've detected a conflict with the Melody part of the Arduino Robot. The Melody part is dedicated to play music on the Arduino Robot and uses the same timer used by Servo library.
As playing sound was not mandatory for the AWBB robot, we've decided to suppress this musical part and all its dependencies.

CO2 Sensor

Why measure air quality?

CO2 quantity in the air is a good way to analyze our environment quality in addition to other indicators collected by the other sensors of the robot.
Depending CO2 concentration in the air several symptoms can appear:

1% of CO2 in the air represent 1000ppm

SoftwareSerial and GPS

How to use SofwareSerial library to connect a Serial GPS on the Official Arduino Robot? 

We have chosen for our robot this excellent "Ultimate GPS" module from Adafruit, because it requires only 2 pins (using serial communication) to communicate with and it's plenty of good functionality (autonomous GPS logger, Time RTC, energy safer...).